Aisam Qureshi inaugurates PTF’s JTI Program at DPS

International tennis star Aisamul Haq Qureshi inaugurated the PTF’s JTI Program on Wednesday, which is supported by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Commissioner Lahore Captain (R) Muhammad Usman, Additional Commissioner Lahore Amman Anwar Kedwai, DPS Principal Saleem Raza Chaudhry, Chief Coordinator of the Ceremony Azhar Mehmood and JTI National Coordinator Hamid Niaz were also present on this occasion. Aisam and Commissioner Lahore rallied the ITF Red balls as start mark of the DPS Tennis Passion Academy, which would be run under the PTF’s JTI National Program aimed at promoting the game of tennis from grassroots level.


Aisam appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) under the dynamic leadership of Salim Saif Ullah Khan to spread the game across the country through JTI program. He promised his all-out support to promote the game through PTF’s JTI Program. The tennis star also planted a ‘tennis tree’ at the adjacent of tennis arena with warm wishes.

Commissioner Lahore Captain (R) Muhammad Usman took keen interest to know further about the JTI program and promised his cooperation from the DPS side to promote this program. He was determined to produce players through this opportunity in the shape of JTI, which will surely help the country get future tennis stars.

Amman Anwar Kedwaii disclosed that many years back, such activity was started by the PTF under STI program at DPS and as a result, several national and international players were produced through STI program. “We are confident that this time, we are more confident to achieve desired results through JTI program.” He also appreciated the PTF’s senior desk to provide tennis equipment for the DPS Tennis Passion Academy.

Principal DPS Saleem Raza especially thanked Commissioner Lahore, Additional Commissioner Lahore Amman Anwar Kedwai and Aisamul Haq for their participation in the ceremony. “On behalf of DPS management, I appreciate the efforts of JTI National Coordinator Hamid Niaz for the approval of DPS Tennis Academy as Official JTI Tennis Centre and this has enabled us to secure ITF modified tennis equipment from the PTF to start the JTI activity and produce future champions to keep DPS tradition alive.”

Furthermore, he revealed that alongside two regular tennis courts, it is planned to construct a synthetic court soon and a set of transition/mini courts. The DPS Principal added that DPS Tennis Passion Academy’s doors are open for the outsider kids of 14 and under.

JTI National Coordinator Hamid Niaz was confident that DPS JTI Tennis Academy would play a key role to promote the game of tennis and strengthen the PTF’s Junior Development plans. He added that PTF Development Department under the instructions of its senior desk is trying its best to cover all the divisions of the country, where JTI may be started. At the end, Hamid Niaz thanked the DPS management and especially Captain (R) Muhammad Usman, Amman Anwar Kedwaii and Saleem Raza Chaudhry for tremendous cooperation and efforts to make all this happened.

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