Bigg Boss 15 Audition & Common Man Registration

Bigg Boss 15 Audition & Common Man Registration

Big Boss Registration 2021 Season 15 General Entry Enrollment, Here you can view the details of the 15 season big boss test details, Qualifications

How to Apply the Procedure and the latest details about Bigg Boss Audition Season 15.


BIGG BOSS Season 15 audition Form


During the final episode of Bigg Boss 14, theater and celebrity manager Salman Khan announced that audiences would be able to check out the next season of the controversial TV show. Looks like Bigg Boss 15 season will be even better with the regular. The show has also opened its doors to those who have entered the prestigious event.

Actor Salman Khan had previously announced that Bigg Boss 15 would be shown later this year. During the episode, the actor also included a condition of his return as a presenter of a real TV show. The star said last weekend on the show, “The season is coming to an end which means a team of Bigg Boss players and actors will not receive payment checks starting next week, until next year.


Bigg Boss 15 Premier Date

Bigg Boss 15 Premier Date is October Sunday. There is an official announcement. Guys Stay In touch with us with the latest Bigg Boss 15.

Bigg Boss 15 Audition Form has now started in the voot app. To participate in the Bigg Boss Audition season 15 you must register online at the Vote App or you can submit your online application form online on our website. So guys prepare for the coming years. This year I know the majority of the public is outraged by the selection of Bigg Boss 15. But guys now if you fail last season this is a great opportunity to participate in next season.


BIGG BOSS 15 Audition Day

Until the day if you do not apply for Bigg Boss season 15 and do not waste your time without delay please register as soon as possible to register for the Bigg Boss  2021 exam. As this is the 3rd major So a great opportunity to get your name and the name of the star. As the star of this program is already very popular during this program. After that you will also get a loading job when you exit the Bigg Boss house.


Everyone knows that Bigg Boss is the most controversial show on Indian Television. And you’re a bad fan of this show and you want to be a part of the show. And I know you all are waiting to open the test lines. Here I have already told you about the eligibility procedures for the show and the process regarding the show. Bigg Boss will soon open a regular human test line. This is the only place where you can find special stories about the show. You can also find updates for the upcoming 15 season on our Bigg Boss test page.


bigg boss 15 Audition


Like last season of Bigg Boss 14, season 15 of Bigg Boss wii be very successful. So to see this, the show masters also decided to get regular public access to the Bigg Boss house 15. So guys get ready with your test video. Guys to participate in Bigg Boss 15 you must make an online registration for the Bigg Boss interview. You must complete the online registration form in the VOOT App, or you can also submit your registration form on the official VOOT website. You can also be sure that the test video you uploaded to the app is good or not. Because it all depends on the subscription video. Voot App is the official app of Viacom India. The entire TV Show is broadcast on Colors and MTV India, available on Vote. So if you want to see last Season, you need to download Voot and see it.

Registration for Bigg Boss 15 also takes place through the Voot app. One question always arises in your mind, who will choose the Bigg Boss participant. Annually Nominations will be made by Team. The group operates under Show Directors and Producers. After reading your profile and watching your test video it will decide whether you qualify for Bigg Boss 15 or not. The community that wants to test Bigg Boss 15 all depends on your subscription video.Your people your video must be unique and up to date. For such a manufacturer to be compelled to call for testing. So guys if you are interested in participating in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 15 you will need to apply for registration and complete your registration form. Guys you have to wait a little longer to participate in Bigg Boss 15. So guys are contacting us. We are always trying to give you the best and most valuable information related to this show.


Who is the Bigg Boss

Released by Endemol Shine India, Bigg Boss, a adaptation of the Dutch reality show Big Brother launched in India in 2006. In addition to providing voyeurism, the exhibition tests a person’s survival potential when left locked up by people from all walks of life.


So here we update you with our new information. In this soon I also revealed with you the name of the star and your competitor in this show. As the next season of the program will start from September 2021 or October 2021 as each season of this program begins. Salman Khan will host both shows showing Dus Ka Dum and Bigg Boss Season 15. So this is the basis for the confusion that the witches’ show will be the first in the air. Guys you have to pay attention to this news, if Salmam Khan is not doing Dus Ka Dum Season 3 Then you are going to do BB 15. According to the news this time the Team is Jung.



After some of the most exciting times of the last season, the 15th season of the BIGG BOSS, now this year the big boss is back with new traps. Like last year the BIGG BOSS 12 participation of ordinary people and celebrities took over the top TRP of last season. This year a platform or interview test will be open to the general public at this age as well. Now on this website, you will learn how to participate in the upcoming season of BIGG BOSS 15. We will also disclose to you the process or registration regarding your participation in this season.

BIGG BOSS 15 Audition

I also disclose to you how to register online and how to complete the online registration form and details about the exam and important dates. Since I knew it was on my website I would have known you were a big fan of this program. And since the beginning of this program, people like me also have a dream of being part of the BIGG BOSS 15 family. So now from last season that is in BIGG BOSS 14 the dream of ordinary people is coming true. So now last year in 2018 the BIGG BOSS season 14 is very popular due to the controversy of celebrities and ordinary people in India.


Bigg Boss Test  Season 15

Submitting your Bigg Boss 15  online registration form is very mandatory. Because this is also part of choosing who will enter the competition in the house of Bigg Boss. Guys by entering the Bigg Boss house you can also earn big money in the form of a reward and a name and a reputation. Some of the makers and producers of the show have also developed their own for their project. So guys we worked hard then years ago. This time you have to be in the Bigg Boss house for season 15. It’s no surprise that Bigg Boss always has its own unique theme and new concept while taking the underground test. So guys from time to time I also told you about the themes and ideas for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 15. With the help of audition you should have the opportunity to stay in the house of Bigg Boss and celebrity competition. This is really good news for all bigg boss fans that for the third time Bigg Boss is re-examining ordinary people.


Qualifications for Bigg Boss Season 15

If you want to join Big Boss you will need to know the full Terms of Service t. For the most common people, some of the qualifications are given below.


To participate in Big Boss then you must have completed 18 years or more of it.

To participate in the Big Boss, he must be an Indian living in India.

To participate in Big Boss you must do the following documents such as PAN Card, Driving License, Aadhaar Card or Voter ID Card, Birth Certificate, Ration Card, Passport, etc.

BIGG BOSS Season 15 Registration

After the start of registration for the BIGG BOSS season very soon in May 2021 it will continue until the next month of 2021 and if there is a change on the first and last day of registration for BIGG BOSS 15 then we will let you know as we receive details. So Indians do not miss this opportunity to be part of these great Indian reality shows. If you have ever been a part of this name show, glory is all in your hands.


How to sign up for the BIGG BOSS 15 season until the last day


  • In Bigg Boss 15 Audition / Bigg Boss season 15 Registration Follow The Steps Given Below.
  • First guys download the Voot App from your google play store app.
  • Then open the voot app and sign in with your social media account.
  • Now in the Vote App you can see the third option which is the Bigg Boss test.
  • Now click the same that will be on the main page of Bigg Boss 15 Audition.
  • Now here you have to complete the registration form for full information.
  • You should also upload your test video while completing the test video.
  • Video size does not exceed 50 MB and video length does not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the show and submit a subscription video.


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