Bigg Boss 15 Salman Khan Announcement

    Bigg Boss 15 Salman Khan Announcement


During the final episode of Bigg Boss 14, theater and celebrity manager Salman Khan announced that audiences would be able to check out the next season of the controversial TV show. It looks like Bigg Boss Boss’s 15th season will be better with ordinary people. The show has also opened its doors to those who have entered the prestigious event. Will it be like the Bigg 10 manager who saw two teams – celebrities and Indiawale? Read Again – Disha Patani Share Video Of Seti Maar See Test, Looks Hot On All Clothes She’s Wearing – WATCH

bigg boss 15 sulman khan announcement


Actor Salman Khan had previously announced that Bigg Boss 15 would be shown earlier this year. During the episode, the actor also included a condition of his return as a presenter of a real TV show. The star said last weekend on the show, “The season is coming to an end which means a team of Bigg Boss players and actors will not receive payment checks starting next week, until next year. So, very depressed, very upset. I’m afraid 2020 is not going to start again. But life goes on. After the end of the show, we will move on to Pathan, Tiger, and Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali and by the end of these films, after eight months, it will be time for Bigg Boss to return with his next season and when that returns, your return is guaranteed. I would also be back if I raised 15%. ”Read More – Rubina Dilaik Has Lunges And Squares, Sharing Her Strength Secret In A New Working Video

sulman khan announcement


Salman Khan was the lead manager of the reality show, Bigg Boss 14. Prior to the launch of Bigg Boss 14 last year, a report revealed that the actor was paid Rs 2.5 crore each episode from Season 4 to Season 6. Season 7, his pay was doubled to Rs 5 crore. In Bigg Boss 13, he reportedly charged $ 13 a week. Read Again – Radhe Seeti Maar Out Song: Salman Khan-Disha Patani’s Dance Number Will Make You Want To Move A Leg. Watch


For the 14th season, Salman reportedly paid $ 20 million per episode and his team closed the deal for $ 450.

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