Woman allegedly kills elderly man, dismembers his body in Karachi

A 65-year-old man was allegedly killed and his body dismembered by a woman in Karachi, Geo News reported Friday.

Per the report,  residents of an apartment at Abdullah Haroon Road in Saddar called the police and complained about seeing severed body parts of a human outside a flat.

Woman allegedly kills elderly man, dismembers his body in Karachi

When the police arrived and entered the building, they found a dismembered body of a man there. Meanwhile, a woman — suspected to be the killer —   was found to be “comfortably” sleeping in another room.

The women’s hands and clothes were stained with blood,  Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Zubair Nazir Sheikh said.

The woman, however, denied she had murdered the man.

“All evidence points towards her [as the killer],” police stated.

Police have recovered several tools from the woman’s possession, according to SSP Zubair Nazir Sheikh.

He said that police are still investigating the incident, adding that evidence is being collected from the crime scene.

Initial investigation

The suspected woman in the murder of Shiekh Sohail, a 65-year-old man, is a resident of Junejo Town and they had been living together for many years, police said after conducting an initial investigation into the incident.

Initially, the woman claimed that the deceased was her husband, but authorities have yet to corroborate this.

According to police, the same woman went to the police a year-and-a-half ago and told them that her husband was not paying for her expenses.

The woman and the deceased Sheikh Sohail were living alone, according to sources, and the woman used to come and stay in an apartment for short periods of time.

Police said the woman used a knife, a hammer and other weapons to commit the murder. They said the deceased was already married to someone.

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